Sweet Lesbian Romance and Sex with my Roomie-Sex Confession-8

Hi, I am Nina(name changed), 25 years old. I stay in a rented flat, in share with another woman. Her name is Amanda. Gorgeous, ambitious, confident. She amazes me sometimes with her ability to handle every single thing. We have a pretty good friendship. We comfort each other in problems. I didn’t knew we would become so comfortable with each other that we would end up falling for each other as lovers that led to our first time sweet lesbian romance and sex that grew further as a bonding.

Lesbian Romance with My Neighbour to Release her Milk

I am Nancy, 27 years old and got married recently. I have got medium sized breasts, fully firm with pink nipples and a bigger firm ass. One day, as I was cooking breakfast and was alone at home, the doorbell rang. I was surprised to see my friend and neighbour Mila at the door who was sobbing. She came inside the house and locked the front door and hugged me and said, “Nancy, please help me my breasts are paining a lot. Can you help me release the milk from my breasts?” On hearing Mila, I was shocked. She had a baby who expired on the operation table due to some complications. Little did I know that I am going to have lesbian romance with my neighbour.


AH! The heavy breath of your partner against your skin, the touch of lust or love running against the curves of your body, just waiting to be taken and pushed against the walls leading to tired lips and exhausted sweating bodies, the ultimate pleasure – the orgasm of both partners. In a world where not much is left to the imagination, sex is not just the intertwining of hot sweaty bodies anymore; it’s a mind game too. What’s the point of making a man hard but not making him crave?

Meeting the hot male escort on a pleasure weekend – Part 1

I was a successful single woman and I found it difficult to get a partner who was progressive and chilled. As I was single and whenever I needed sex, I would call up a hot male escort service in my city. They catered to elite clients and often sent out men to service clients on holidays as well. And this is what I planned for my special weekend.

Erotic Lesbian Encounter with My Mother in Law

This is Suly, 33 years old, stand 5’7″ and hold a perfect body of 34-28-36. I am quite fair in complexion and have jet black long hair. I was married at a very early age in London. My parents shifted to U.K. when I was young. We got in contact with several mixed families with a nice blend of British and Indian culture and I started dating a guy right after my high school. I was barely 18 when I got married to him. This is the story about an erotic lesbian encounter with my Mother in Law. Though I had been a straight throughout my life, I remember that sometimes I have had lesbian curiosity in the back of my mind but never paid significant attention to those feelings. However, after the marriage, the sight of my sexy mother-in-law was constantly drawing my attention towards such thoughts.

Teen’s Introduction to Virtual Sex-Part 1

I was 17 when I first discovered the pleasure of virtual sex. I had accidentally sneaked into my brother’s room at night and to my utter bewilderment I saw him jerking off to a random naked girl on webcam. After a few months, I started talking to guys on free online sex chat forums. The guy with whom I had chats for a while, suggested that we have cam sex rather than on text messaging. Since I was already curious, I readily agreed.

My Fulfilling Night of Sex with an Experienced Escort

At the age of 50, I got divorced from my wife of 30 years. We knew we were two different people but stayed together for our kids. But now all my children were settled and it was time I lived for myself. The downside to not having a partner was sex, of course. Even now I was interested in physical relations. My wife described me as quite kinky in the bedroom, another area where our tastes didn’t match. Soon, I had a fulfilling night of sex with a hot lady.

When my Wife and her Girlfriend had a night over

Me and my wife have been married for over 5 years. We believe in a very transparent relationship and that’s why she knows all my friends and colleagues and I assume, I do too. She often spoke of her university days when she used to hang out with her then best friend, Liz. According to her, Liz was her crime partner. Be it getting free drinks at a bar to going on undecided trips in Liz’s sugar daddy’s car, she had done it all. My wife and her girlfriend Liz has a different relationship as well.

Explored my Gay fantasies with a social media friend

It was a sunny day in February, and I got that long expecting phone call. It was from a friend I made on social media. I am 23 male and he is 27 years male working as an executive for a software firm. He was in town and was willing to meet me that very evening. I agreed to meet him in his hotel room. Then, as the clock struck 5:00 pm, I took a cab and reached the destination. He was waiting there to receive me.

An affair on the kite flying night

Nida was visiting India with a friend Rita for the first time. Both of them were invited to a kite flying festival. Everything was very new for Nida and she was really enjoying the cultural shift. They were on the terrace and Nida was 2 drinks down when she met a guy named Jhonny. That’s how the affair on the kite flying night happened.

Finding Sexual Pleasure After a Long Gap

I had been long suffering from an illness that stopped me from living a normal life. I couldn’t move around freely without being prepared for any sudden contingencies, I couldn’t travel and I couldn’t even have sex – didn’t have a girlfriend or a social life. It kept me confined, careful. But after 10 years I was finally cured. Now I could get what I wanted most as a man and I wanted to get sexual pleasure after a long gap.

The School Crush – Cute Love Between Two Guys

Looking at the school book today, Rand was reminiscing about his school days. Flipping through the pages, his hands paused at the picture of Kirk, his school crush. He was cute, tall, handsome with irresistible charm. He had that kind of personality that made everyone to stop and stare at his perfect features. For Rand, somehow it did much more than that. It gave him an erection. This was new to him. He felt embarrassed but thought maybe it was because he was so handsome.

My first date and hot sex in the car

Have you ever had a wild fantasy? Some act which is wild and yet so hot that you desire it. I had one such desire and this is my story of how it was fulfilled. I had a fantasy of being pleasured and fucked outdoors. Something naughty. The feeling you have when you are naked and feeling good while someone else watches. This was my first date with Dimitry and ended up having sex in the car.

Sex with hot colleague Mansi

It has been a couple of years since I have shifted to Dubai for my job as a project manager for an international corporate firm. The company has a handful of employees, a good amount which hails from India. Mansi was one of those few people. She joined the office in 2017 as software development and this incident happened 3 months after that. She was the popular chic of the office not because of her work but because of her perfectly curved body. Her breast and ass were in perfect shape and gave awkward boners to men in the office whenever she wore her black, tulip style dress. A perfect hot colleague for whom everyone was dying for.

Does the Desire for Sex in Men Decrease after Forties

Sex is a natural desire in men and women who are healthy, robust, and beautiful. At the threshold of puberty, a teenager starts feeling the push of testosterone hormone, and he starts holding his balls, without any knowledge. Sex is a natural act and men and women do indulge in it passionately. The kissing, touching of the vagina and masturbation are all quite normal and mainstream. But for how long? Be it a man or a woman, have you ever thought that the desire for sex in men decreases after a certain age? Are you worried that after you cross that threshold of forty as a man, that your sex life will see less action because you aren’t excited that much?

The Affair with the Latina Beauty Made Lockdown Period Sensual

This is my story of the time I had with Lara – a Columbian student who was living in my city. This story is different as it started during the pandemic and is still ongoing, but on a much more personal level. I had been single for a while and as the pandemic struck, I found myself alone and horny. There were very few women willing to break lockdown rules and meet for one night of sex and I needed something or someone to satisfy my needs with. That’s when my affair with the Latina beauty started!

10 Things an Escort Girl Can do for their Clients Satisfaction

Being an escort is a challenging job. One has to take care of all her client’s needs right from giving them a great time in bed or simply accompanying them at a friendly outing. There are many things an escort girl can do for her client’s utmost satisfaction, and here are a few of them;

Lost my virginity to my hot guitar teacher

When I was 14, I was learning how to play guitar. My home tutor use to arrive every day at 6 pm when my mom went to the gym. Babysitting me and teaching me play the guitar was a means for her to pay for her additional expenses and hangout with her boyfriend at my house. They would make out in front of me and even giggle at the sight of my little hard on. Sometimes she would come alone and run her fingers on mine and whisper, “You are very good with your fingers Shaun, we need to make them use better”. Those small incidents led things differently and I lost my virginity with her.

Dating My Sexy Office Colleague and had Awesome Sex

It started just as normal office colleagues do, work together, sometimes lunch together or so. It was more like a professional relationship only. I forgot to describe her. Naysha is 24 years old. She was one of the hottest girls in our office. She had perfect assets and she had maintained her figure nicely. I didn’t knew I would end up dating my sexy office colleague one day!

Lesbian Sex with Afghan Beauty during my trip to India

My name is Emma, and I am a lecturer at one of the renowned universities at Chicago. One day, while I was taking my class, I got an email with an invitation to be a part of a training program for students in Mumbai, India. I always wanted to be a part of such training programs, so I immediately replied with my confirmation. The entire process of the visa and ticketing took nearly a month but finally, I made it to the training program accommodation on time. There, I came to know that I had to share my room with a Botany professor from Afghanistan, Dr. Shaina. As I entered the room, I looked around for her but she was nowhere. However, a pile of clothes on the bed and scent of jasmine in the room claimed her arrival. The jasmine scent was so relaxing that the moment I hit the bed to stretch myself a bit, I fell asleep. I didn’t knew this trip will bring me some the treasure of lesbian sex with Afghan Beauty.

Romantic Gay Sex With a School Mate

I have been watching him walk through the corridors of our school. He gives the dark, silent type vibe and girls love it.  Girls want to be with him but he hasn’t reciprocated one advance from a girl. Seeing him every day makes me have these thoughts – thoughts of having explored by him or may be having gay sex with a school mate I adore.

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